Warmiee Electric Hot Bag, Premium Quality Soft Faux Fur Electric Rechargable Hot Bag

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Unlike traditional hot water bags, CareSoul’s Warmiee Hot Bags can be used as an effective solution for treating body aches & pain, easing menstrual cramps, sports injuries and muscles tension etc. This is an odor-less non-toxic bottle with faux fur cover and safe for use by anybody. The Warmiee Hot Bag placed in your bed makes for a comfy night especially during cold winters.

Just warm up, tuck under your blanket and slide into your comfy cocoon!

Benefits of Hot Therapy:-

  1. Therapeutic relief from muscular and joint pain, arthritis, geriatric care, sprains, sores, stiff joints etc.
  2. Relieves in discomfort from menstrual cramps.
  3. Effective for soothing swelling, treating injuries, and improving blood circulation.