Premium Cute Rabbit Soft Hot Water Bag with Plush Faux Fur Knit Cover Hot Water Bottle Warm Bag for Cozy Nights and Hot Therapy, 400ml

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Effective and cute Hot Water Bottle for Neck, Shoulders, Knees, Abdomen etc. Soothes and relieves pain instantly. It is a reusable and a portable Hot Water Bag, which when filled with hot water (not boiling water) helps to give heat therapy wherever needed. Further, it can also be used in winters as a plush hand warmer, while travelling or at home while watching TV or sleeping. Your perfect companion for a cold Winter Night. The soft plus cozy fleece cover enhances the warmth and makes you feel cozy and comfortable. Great for Kids and Adults both. Size: 14*22cm


Material: PVC(Hot Water Bottle) Fleece(Cover)


Warning: Avoid long direct contact with skin. When filling hot water bottle, do not use boiling water, but only hot water. Fill only to a maximum of 2/3rd capacity.