Paw Shaped Plus Soft Teddybear Shaped Fur Cover, with Premium Silicon Hot Water Bottle, 450ml

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Something like you’ve never seen before!

These are super cute and super plus hot water bottles that are sure to be your perfect winter buddy! These are small, almost palm sized Hot Water Bags, with Supersoft Detachable Cover, which can be washed. 

The Hot Water Bag inside is made of High Quality Silicon which is 6 layer reinforced such that it is explosion or break proof. 

Instructions for Use:

  1. Take out the Hot Water Bag from the cover
  2. Fill it with 3/4th capacity with Hot Water
  3. Put it back inside the cover
  4. Enjoy a cozy time with your Winter Buddy!


  1. Heat Therapy for Pain Relief
  2. Relief from Menstrual Cramps
  3. Hand Warmer for Winters
  4. Neck Pain Relief

Please note:

These are small sized bottles and not to be compared with the regular Hot Water Bottles. The size and capacity of these is lesser than those. This is a new product altogether.