Myrkl. Pack of 50 Capsules (25 Single Use Sachet), For Hangovers, Food Supplement

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Myrkl is a unique food supplement containing a science-based formula made up of high performing bacteria, L-Cysteine & Vitamin B12.

Vitamin B12 contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue and helps to support the immune system and contributes to normal energy levels.

Myrkl has been perfected over 30 years of research and development.

The Myrkl 25 Sachet Sharing Pack contains 25 doses that are perfect on the go or sharing with friends. Take one sachet (2 capsules) at least two hours before a meal.

Myrkl is scientifically tested & vegan.

Please note that food supplement absorption varies from person to person depending on various internal and external factors.

Myrkl, believed to be the cure to all hangovers of any kind is a 100% natural and a vegan supplement, that when taken 2 pills before starting with your drinks, proves to be beneficial for any kind of hangovers or headaches.

  • Scientifically tested food supplement perfected through 30 years of R&D.
    • Science-based formula with high performing bacteria, L-cysteine & Vitamin B12.
    • 77% customer satisfaction rate and great reviews on Trustpilot.
      • It contains 100% safe and legal ingredients following UK safety regulations.
      • 100% Natural and Vegan.