Miracle Moo Colostrum Supplement for Gut Health, Hair Growth, Beauty and Immune Support - Easy to Mix Grass Fed Bovine Powder - Highest IgG Plus ImmunoLin, Unflavored 30 Servings

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  • 🐄 MIRACLE MOO PREMIUM COLOSTRUM: Experience our remarkable colostrum powder with an extraordinary IgG content and ImmunoLin IgGs, vital immunoglobulins, profoundly enhance immunity, fortify the gut, and foster holistic well-being. Embrace utmost quality and scientific validation with our elite colostrum, a promise of proven outcomes
  • 🙌 REVOLUTIONARY IMMUNOLIN: The ONLY colostrum containing ImmunoLin to take your colostrum to the next level. Harness the power of IgG rich, immune supporting ImmunoLin. This ingredient took 35 years of research culminating in High-IgG ImmunoLin. Elevate you gut health, unlock wellness and fortify your immunity and curb inflections. Including hair skin and nails vitamins
  • 🧬 POWERED BY OUR COMMITMENT TO QUALITY: MiracleMoo offers a nourishing blend designed to complement your wellness routine. Support your digestive health, muscle recovery efforts, and your immune system with our Colostrum and ImmunoLin formula. Enhance your well-being and maintain focus to support your mind and body daily
  • 💧EASY MIXING: Simply mix a scoop of MiracleMoo into water, smoothies, or your favorite recipes. Seamlessly incorporate the power of the superfood: colostrum into your daily routine and elevate your wellness journey
  • 🌿GRASS FED PREMIUM COLOSTRUM: Embarking on excellence, MiracleMoo procures pristine colostrum from USA's grass-fed cows thriving on family-owned dairy farms. Our commitment to conscious sourcing shines. We select surplus colostrum exclusively, ensuring the nourishment of young calves before collecting this unparalleled resource