K-Y Personal Lubricant Sterile 82g

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  • K-Y Jelly has been used since 1919 as away of replacing personal moisture to ease vaginal dryness and discomfort during sex.Recommended by doctors, K-Y Jelly helps to prepare you for intimacy, making sex comfortable and more natural feeling.
  • K-Y is clear and clean-rinsing, easy and convenient to use, non-greasy and non-sticky, hygienic and pH balanced, fragrance free and alcohol free.
  • It is a safe, water based lubricant that is easily removed, is non-greasy and fragrance-free.
    • H
    ow To Use K-Y Jelly
      Direction :
      • Squeeze gently and applying onto your intimate areas or any parts of your body.
      • It is compatible with latex condoms and can be applied directly to condoms or straight to the skin.
      • K-Y Jelly is suitable for daily use. Apply desired amount from the tube to the skin or condoms.
      • Avoid contact with the eyes. If skin irritation occurs, discontinue use and speak to your doctor.