Hongthai Brand Compound Herb Inhaler Thai Herbal Co.Ltd, Made in Thailand (Viral Thai Inhaler)

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Hong Thai Traditional Thai Herbal Inhalant Nasal Natural 15 Dried Herbal extracts. Hong Thai Inhaler is made using several herbs that are produced and harvested locally. Because of the natural components, herbal inhalers are 100% safe and effective.

  1. Hong Thai herbal inhaler can also be used to get immediate relief from asthma and other health issues involving an individual’s respiratory system.
  2. This inhaler as the natural herbs can also be used to get comfort for someone who is prone to travel sickness.
  3. When inhaled, this product can help a person relax especially during stressful conditions. Its soothing properties can help unclog your airways and promote easier breathing.
  4. Some people also use a herbal inhaler to keep them awake as it is known to promote alertness when it is needed. It certainly can energize both your mind and body.
  5. It can also be applied on the side of your head to get immediate comfort for headache or minor cases of migraine.
  6. Herbal inhalers can also be used as temporary treatment for someone who is suffering from colds, nausea, dizziness, or motion sickness.
  7. In Thailand, inhalers are believed to also help in increasing blood circulation by soothing the nerves and reducing someone’s anxiety.
  8. It can also be used to temporarily fight fatigue or weakness.
  9. This product is also used by some people to treat insect bites.

Direction of Use: Open the bottle and sniff to get relief from cold,sneezing,allergic rhinitis and headache.Keep bottle tightly closed after every use.