Heliocare Oral Capsules, 60 Caps

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Heliocare Sun Capsules is a nutritional supplement indicated to prepare the skin for intense sun exposure and to help boost a healthy and natural tan.

Heliocare Sun Capsules is a nutritional supplement that helps prepare the skin for intense sun exposure. Thanks to Fernblock®, a patented extract, it reinforces the skin's first defenses against the harms of solar radiation. Deriving from a botanical extract that has developed a natural mechanism to protect itself from solar radiation, Fernblock® helps boost the natural defenses of the skin against sun exposure providing anti-aging, antioxidant and protective properties. Thanks to its powerful antioxidant properties this supplement helps not only to protect the skin from free radicals but also increase the resistance of the skin to the sun. And, since it is enriched with Beta-carotene it also promotes a healthy and long-lasting tan. All in all, it is a nutritional supplement that upgrades the sunscreen protection from within helping not only to prepare the skin for intense sun exposure but also enhance a healthy and natural tan.