Grenade Protein Bars, High Protein, Low Sugar Bar, Vanilla, 12 x 60g - Oreo Flavour

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Grenade OREO boasts 21g protein, just 1g of sugar and a whole lot of that iconic OREO flavour, this bar is the real deal.

Product Details

  • Packed with protein, with over 21g per bar
  • Low in sugar, with just 1.0g per bar
  • A triple-layered bar, consists of genuine OREO Vanilla, and a protein nougat loaded with authentic OREO cocoa, topped with low sugar chocolate, and topped with zero sugar OREO Pieces.
  • This indulgent low sugar snack, is perfect for enjoying at any time of the day as a delicious snack or a post workout treat
  • Certified with the informed sport programme and therefore suitable for use by drug tested athletes and military personnel
  • Age range description: Adult
  • Specialty: High,Suitable