Biogaia Protectis Drops with Vitamin D3 10ml

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BioGaia Protectis baby drops is a dietary supplement containing the patented lactic acid bacterium Lactobacillus reuteri Protectis® (L. reuteri DSM 17938) that helps the good microorganisms restore a natural balance in the gut. Because L. reuteri Protectis naturally colonizes humans it has a strong adaptation to persist and interact with humans.

L. reuteri Protectis has been tested in more than 130 clinical trial and proven effective and safe for children.

Suggested use

Five (5) drops once daily. Recommended dose should not be exceeded.


Shake well for 10 seconds before each use to mix the bacteria culture with the oil.

To dispense the drops press the tube gently and give by spoon.

Use 5 drops daily.

Other ingredients

Sunflower oil,  and medium chain triglyceride oil.

Non-GMO ingredients, no artificial colors, flavors, dairy or soy.