BioGaia Baby Probiotic Drops - Colic & Gas Relief + Vitamin D, 50-Day Supply, Safe for Newborns, Reduces Crying, Fussing, Colic, Gas, Spit-ups & Constipation, No allergens, Dairy or Soy

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  • Soothes crying, fussing, colic & gas: For over 20 years, BioGaia Baby has been soothing babies with colic & fussy tummies.* Trust BioGaia Baby, the most studied probiotic for colic in the world.*
  • Safe for newborns: Simple & safe for babies from the first day of life. Great for breast-fed, bottle-fed and mixed-fed infants.
  • Naturally relieves babies’ digestive discomfort: Works naturally in the digestive system to relive colic, gas, spit-ups, and occasional constipation & diarrhea.*
  • Naturally found in breast milk: Unlike drugs and gripe water, BioGaia Baby with Vitamin D contains probiotics naturally found in breast milk that ease babies’ digestive discomfort and promote a happy tummy.*
  • No allergens, dairy, soy, gluten, sugar or artificial colors & flavors: We offer scientifically validated, clinically tested products.* We only use safe, ethically sourced & sustainable ingredients. BioGaia always guarantees product quality & safety.