What is LED Skincare & Do LED Face Masks Work?

What is LED Skincare & Do LED Face Masks Work?

Do you struggle with both acne and signs of aging? You know how difficult it is to find skincare products that cater to both needs, and that means finding an army of cleansers, lotions, and moisturizers and going through a 12-step skincare routine. But sometimes, that isn’t enough. There’s hope for your skin, and you can find it in a single product: an LED face mask.

What Are LED Therapy Masks?

LED Therapy Masks

LED therapy masks are non-invasive anti-aging skin treatments. They use light-emitting diodes from blue and red light wavelengths to penetrate the dermis and encourage softer, smoother skin. 

"For years, these LED light machines were staples of high-end dermatology practices and spas. They were clunky and expensive, but they were powerful when used by professionals. If you see photos of celebrities who seem to be aging backward, then they probably had LED facials as part of their routine."

Today, you can buy an LED face mask to use at home as part of your skincare routine. The DRx SpectraLite FaceWare Pro mask is one of these masks. It channels the power of LED light into a mask that’s easy and safe to use at home.

How Does LED Light Therapy Work?

How do LED lights dramatically improve your skin? We won’t get too technical, but here’s a quick explanation. LED stands for light-emitting diode. Light occurs in different spectrums, which produces heat and has various skincare benefits.

Red & Blue Light-Emitting Diodes

LED masks use a combination of blue and red LED diodes to treat both acne and aging concerns at once. The red LED lights stimulate your collagen production deep within your dermis. Collagen is a protein found not only in your skin but also in your joints. It helps tissues heal, which prevents scarring and signs of aging. Your collagen production drops over time, so red LED lights can help boost that product and keep your skin looking young and supple. Red lights can also help manage inflammation in your face, which can help heal your acne as well as other inflammatory issues around your face.

The blue LED lights produce an antimicrobial effect that kills the bacteria on your skin’s surface that cause acne, which helps existing acne heal and prevents new breakouts. In addition, blue lights can have anti-aging effects in that they destroy the free radicals that contribute to aging skin. Like red lights, blue lights also help soothe inflammation.

Dr. Gross’s SpectraLite LED face mask features 100 lights with both red and blue diodes. While some masks require you to use different settings to access red or blue lights, the SpectraLite mask gives you the chance to use both lights simultaneously. It doubles the impact while shortening your treatment time.

LED Therapy Mask Benefits

LED light therapy is also known as photodynamic therapy. It’s become famous for the cosmetic and aesthetic side, but it’s also used to treat medical conditions, like Bowen’s disease, psoriasis, and even basal cell carcinoma (a very common type of skin cancer).

On the cosmetic side of things, LED light therapy masks do what usually takes a whole suite of expensive products and a dermatologist appointment to accomplish. They heal and prevent acne and fight the signs of aging in a single session, which makes them the perfect complement to your skincare routine. It takes a few sessions to begin seeing results, but once you get the ball rolling, you’ll start to see smoother, clearer skin.

Even if you don’t yet have issues with aging or other skin problems, using a LED beauty mask can bump up collagen production and kill free radicals, which slows and prevents aging. As we all know, prevention is the best medicine. Plus, unlike other beauty treatments, light mask therapy takes virtually no work on your part. All you need to do is prep your face, put on the LED light therapy mask, and relax as you do something that’s just for you.

Are LED Face Masks Safe to Use?

According to a review in The Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology, LED face masks are safe to use when you buy products suitable for at-home use. The trick is finding a mask that provides medical-grade results but is ideal for a home setting.

The FDA has cleared the Dr. Dennis Gross SpectraLite mask, and it delivers in-office treatment results from the comfort of your home.

Potential Risks of an LED Face Mask

LED face masks and other types of phototherapy and are largely safe for everyone. The side effects, if any, are mild. Because the mask uses only certain types of UV lights, there’s no risk of skin damage like you get from the sun.

While LED face masks are safe to use at home, they may not be appropriate for everyone. It’s a good idea to speak to a dermatologist before you purchase or try a product. They can discuss what’s right for your skin and determine whether it’s the right choice for your skin.

Final World – Do LED Face Masks Really Work?

LED face masks are a type of phototherapy that’s well documented and researched. It’s been a staple of dermatology and esthetician practices for years, but now, you can get medical-grade results in your own home and on your own time.