The future of Vitamin C is here...

The future of Vitamin C is here...

The most proven, well-established and powerful immune system boosting nutrient known to man is vitamin C. It has also been demonstrated over time as an anti-oxidant that can protect against cell damage caused by free radicals or other environmental stressors like pollution in the air we breathe; a nutritional necessity for human beings because they aren't able produce this important substance on their own - only animals who live close enough together so share resources do have access!

Without vitamin C, we would not be able to function at all. Not just because of its antioxidant properties but also for the myriad mechanisms throughout our bodies it supports such as helping construct neurotransmitters and lower blood cholesterol levels with increased iron absorption from food in gut cells that metabolize protein better than ever before too!

We all need more vitamin C in our lives. We use it constantly and yet, many people's intake falls far short of what they actually need to maintain good health - which is higher than any other water-soluble vitamins during times when levels may drop due to stress or illness (and this applies even if you're not experiencing these conditions!).

Most people take vitamin C to support their immune systems and rightfully so, as researchers have finally conceded that it really does help support our immune system. The remarkable benefits of this nutrient don’t just stop there though - research into vitamins is extensive with the results being rather positive for those who utilize them in everyday lives; thus far from what we know about healthy living can teach us many lessons on how best prevent illness or at least worsen symptoms when they do occur!


The health benefits of vitamin C are obvious, but most people don't get enough through their diet. This is further hindered by its limited bioavailability and ability to be absorbed in the body at once because it becomes easily digested before reaching neurons where it's needed most.

Supplementing with a high dose of standard supplements provides an alternative that many find easier on digestion-a challenge for anyone trying take advantage of these incredible nutrients!

Although the body is capable of absorbing up to 200mg at once, it can only maintain this level for a short period before excreting all remaining vitamin C. Higher doses will result in gastric distress including gas and diarrhoea due to interference with our digestive process.

Until recently intravenous delivery of vitamin C has proven to be the most effective route for absorption, but this method of delivery is both costly and impractical. So you might ask what one can do then?

The best way to get your body's cells all the nutrients they need is by taking a Liposomal vitamin C. This form ensures that you can absorb it orally and make sure those important vitamins make their way into EVERY NUTRIENT CELL IN YOUR BODY - no matter where they are!

Liposomal technology is able to increase the absorption rate of nutrients by capturing active ingredients inside protective membranes called liposomes. These tiny bubbles consist of bi-layers that protect our vitamin C and manage how it bypasses digestive juices so we can deliver them directly into cells, which are similar in structure as ours! A unique delivery system is able to protect vitamin C from breaking down and therefore increases its effectiveness by avoiding passage through the acidic stomach or other organs.
Which makes it easier for your body absorb all of these vital nutrients!

Liposomes are a versatile delivery system that can be used to carry drugs or other chemicals through cells with pinpoint accuracy, making them an excellent option for targeting specific tissues.



Most people think that a bottle of vitamin C tablets or capsules is enough to get them in the good stuff, but most oral forms are poorly absorbed. The absorption control on these kinds can lead to levels reaching saturation point at just 200 mgs - not quite what you want if your goal is healthy skin! In fact we absorb only 10-30% when taking supplements orally without chewing thoroughly. Thus, very little reaches your blood stream let alone the cells where it is needed most. Until recently intravenous delivery of vitamin C has proven to be the most effective route for absorption, but this method is both costly and impractical.

Altrient C is the perfect solution because of its scientifically proven liposomal delivery method. This powerful form of transportation encapsulates nutrients in a microscopic phospholipid bubble, which carries it within minutes directly to cells and protects them from destructive elements like digestive system chemicals that would otherwise destroy vital nutrient content - namely, fat! Altrient C is the most effective option for ensuring your body has adequate vitamin C levels.

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